Arnold Schwarzenegger Biceps

Are Arnold Schwarzenegger biceps still big in the world?

Arnold Biceps

 Arnold Schwarzenegger is the world icon of the Body Building, even today after so many years many bodybuilders have their mentor in the Austrian oak. Without a shadow of a doubt,Arnold Schwarzenegger Biceps are still the best in the world.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Biceps

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding.

 Arnold Schwarzenegger – actor, politician, athlete. A man who has achieved a lot in life. In this article, we will reveal Arnold’s achievements in sports. Of course, for bodybuilding, it is important to have a trained body on stage. To achieve such a body and biceps like Arnold Schwarzenegger Biceps, a lot of effort is required. In order to gain muscle mass, and gain it in the right places – you need to be able to correctly assess the volume of your body, know where to add, and where to reduce. And for this, in turn, it is necessary to have great power results that will make this “correction” possible.

Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding

Arnold Schwarzenegger Body

What are Arnold Schwarzenegger’s secrets for having two big biceps? 

 Arnold argued that the high training volume, with medium-high loads, was the best solution to hit the muscles and to get biceps like Arnold Schwarzenegger Biceps.The large muscles were struck with 15-20 sets per session while the small muscles with 10-12 sets per session. For the biceps he preferred some exercises, where in some he had his particular techniques which I will explain.

arnold schwarzenegger biceps

  • What is the average size of a man’s bicep?

They say the average male arm size is 13 or 14 inches, but the average man apparently has 15 or 20 percent body fat, so it is not correct to look at lean 13.5-inch arms and say they are “average“. Knowledge is like a river. The deeper it is… the less noise it makes.

  • How big are Arnold Schwarzenegger arms?

Arnold Schwarzenegger claimed to have 22-23 inch arms pumped. Arthur Jones measured Arnold’s arms when they were pumped, and they recorded out at 19 3/4 inches.

  • What considered big biceps?

In a comfortable state, his upper arms size 29 inches. The official basketball of the National Basketball Association is 29.5 inches in circumference. Nesser has a large frame to meet his biceps.

  • Are 21s good for biceps?

When bodybuilders want an incredible biceps workout, they do 21s. The technique uses multiple ranges-of-motion during a curl to arouse new muscle growth and build strength at the most difficult parts of the exercise—the bottom and the top, says Men’s Health Fitness Director B.J. Gaddour.

  • What is considered a good bicep size?

A 7-inch wrist is average and an 8-inch wrist or bigger is considered great. Now take your wrist measurement and add 10 inches. This provides you a pretty good idea of how big your arm/bicep size can one day be ASSUMING a strong physique.

  • How do you measure your bicep?

Hold the end of a seamless measuring tape atop the highest point of the biceps. Wrap the measuring tape straight around your upper arm and see the measurement where the tape overlaps the end at the highest point of the bicep to determine the circumference of your upper arm.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Loaded Guns

Arnold Schwarzenegger Biceps Workout.


It was the exercise par excellence used for muscle mass. Performed 3 or 4 sets of 10 reps. He tried to use his biceps to perform the exercise and not the back. Furthermore isolating them to the maximum he wore a particular belt where the elbows were blocked. The Cheating was not allowed .Only in the last reps of the last series to still use a medium-high weight. That is One of the secret of Arnold Schwarzenegger Biceps.

Arnold Schwarzenegger


 In this Arnold Schwarzenegger Biceps exercise Arnold’s ace up his sleeve. Here too he executed 3-4 series of 10 reps with a particular execution.He took two medium-heavy dumbbells, raised one at a time, alternating them, trying to overcome his hand to the maximum, rotating it as he climbed the handlebar. The little finger, with the plate, had to touch the shoulder and the elbows had to stay wide and not adherent to the bust. The movement was controlled but fluid and continuous until death. It went beyond the pain caused by lactic acid, but as he says: “it takes liver”

arnold schwarzenegger biceps


This exercise allows the biceps to be 100% isolated because in this particular position the back and shoulders are deactivated. It is also an exercise that serves to stretch the muscle fibers of the biceps to the maximum Arnold performed 2-3 series of 10 reps.


He performed the concentration curl standing with his arm resting in the knee. Also trying to bring the handlebar to his shoulder and not to his chest 2 or 3 sets of 10 reps.

Arnold, however, before arriving in the States, followed a rather crude and spartan training routine. It is represented that at the beginning of his career his training was based on dead-lifts. Also squats, stretches, rowers, pull-ups, leaps, fundamental exercises with which he built kg and kg of muscle mass.

arnold schwarzenegger biceps


Supination is necessary for any technique of working with dumbbells – standing, sitting, sitting on a slope. When training the biceps, Arnold said: “Do concentrated lifting the dumbbells, at the top point, turn your palm up. Turn your palm as far as possible so that your little finger looks away, at this moment the peak voltage of the biceps will be maximum. You may feel severe pain, but it’s worth it. Do this in every repetition, and in the long run, your biceps will be in a new shape. ”

In addition to supination, I prefer to place dumbbells on a “relaxed” hand. Dumbbells, as it were, hang on the hands, in this position the maximum load comes to the biceps. Some bring the wrists to the shoulders, starting to do this from the lowest point. This significantly reduces the load and negates the final part of the movement. I let the dumbbells “lie on my fingers.” I do this to create leverage so as not to redistribute the load on the forearms

Other exercises:

There are many rumors about Arnold, as well as about any other great personality. That is including both the incredible strength of the athlete and weakness. Which bodybuilders does not know the expression of envious “all muscles are swollen and there is no strength in them.”However, it is reliably known about Arnold’s rather high strength indicators in many other exercises. Such as wiring, donkey lifts (an exercise for the calf muscles, which Arnold performed with a weight of more than 300 kg, with 2-3 athletes sitting on Arnold’s back) .

arnold schwarzenegger motivation

Can I have Biceps like Arnold Schwarzenegger ?

Therefore, first you need to build muscle mass through training cards with basic exercises. After that you take care of the details with exercises like those indicated in this article to build the biceps like Arnold Schwarzenegger Biceps.

arnold schwarzenegger body

What are Schwarzeneggers biceps details?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Biceps detail is given below these pictures with detail that what is the size of Arnold loaded guns.

"arnold schwarzenegger biceps arnold schwarzenegger biceps

The size of Schwarzenegger’s biceps was 54-57 centimeters, depending on the form and time of the athlete’s performance. There is still debate that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bicep volume is not 55 centimeters, but less than 49 centimeters. These rumors were triggered by Arthur Jones, who claimed that when he measured Arnold Schwarzenegger biceps , he got exactly these results. However, given the athlete’s growth, this is very unlikely.Again, perhaps Jones measured Schwarzenegger’s biceps while the bodybuilder rested from training.



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