Arnold Schwarzenegger ChildrenArnold Schwarzenegger DaughterArnold Schwarzenegger Sons

Arnold Schwarzenegger Children

How is the Relationship Between Arnold Schwarzenegger Children

Not only an actor, but also active in bodybuilding, politicians, business people, and colorful shoes, but what about his private life. Arnold Schwarzenegger has five children. Arnold married in 1986 after ten years of association with former President Kennedy’s nephew CBS television journalist Maria Shriver.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Children


How many children Arnold have?

Arnold Schwarzenegger (70) and his wife Maria Shriver (62) have four children – two daughters and two sons. One now wants to emulate his father and conquer Hollywood. But what do his siblings do? Not to mention the illegitimate son of the former governor of California.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Children

Arnold Schwarzenegger Children

Patrick Schwarzenegger

The eldest son among Arnold Schwarzenegger Children’s name is Patrick. The guy did a lot of things in his life, and also, of course, met famous girls from the world of pop culture. Patrick started his clothing business as early as 15 years old. Later, our hero opened a restaurant, which became for him a severe project in terms of business. And also the guy graduated, which Arnie was pleased.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Children

Patrick also tries his hand as an actor, which is more like what his father does. Although films with his participation are little known, one of those that you probably could have heard about is Odnoklassniki 2. Then Patrick nevertheless played the leading role in one of the films called Midnight Sun. What about bodybuilding? The guy does not seek to pump huge muscles, but keeps himself in shape and attends the gym, which is already pleasing.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Children Patrick

Patrick Schwarzenegger (24, “Scouts vs. Zombies – Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse” ) is preparing to be Hollywood’s new heart breaker. He has been in front of the camera since 2006. In “Midnight Sun – Everything for you” (German theatrical release: March 22nd), he now turns Bella Thorne (20) correctly. Teen romance instead of action, a smart move. Filling his dad’s footsteps as an action hero would be doomed to fail. As a teen crush, he does well. Privately, his heart belongs to Model Abby Champion (21) since 2016, who recently accompanied him to the premiere of “Midnight Sun – Everything for you.”

Katherine Schwarzenegger

The oldest daughter among Arnold Schwarzenegger Children is already 30 years old, and her name is Katherine. She received a good education, graduating from the University of South California, and the girl is the author of several books. However, they have no special relationship with bodybuilding, except perhaps a book on motivation for women.

katherine schwarzenegger

Katherine willingly communicates with reporters and gives interviews. However, she is much more famous thanks to another event. Many of you, I think, have watched the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, and remember well one of the heroes – the Star-Lord. So the actor Chriss Prad, who plays this very hero, became engaged to Katherine and after that married to Katherine this year.

Katherine Schwarzenegger


In Arnold Schwarzenegger Children’s firstborn, Katherine is an author and blogger. Her motto on her homepage is: “Lifestyle On Your Terms,” in German, “Lifestyle On Your Terms.” For example, she writes guides on animals, styling, beauty, health, and food. Her books added the most recent work is entitled “Maverick and Me.” It is about a girl and dog who was picked up and saved on the side of the road.

Christina Schwarzenegger

Arnie’s second daughter is Christina. About her, much less known, besides she is younger, at the moment the girl is 27 years old. She is not such a public person as her sister. However, Christina tries her hand as a producer. Who cares, both daughters have their Instagram pages, so you can easily find them and take a closer look.

christina schwarzenegger

Christina Schwarzenegger graduated from Georgetown University in Washington, DC. An elite university that her mother, Maria Shriver, also attended. She is currently stirring the drum for her Netflix documentary “Take Your Pills,” in which she acted as executive producer – and which she implemented together with her mother. Among other things, the literature deals with students who use performance-enhancing means.

christina schwarzenegger

Christopher Schwarzenegger

While Katherine, Christina, and Patrick don’t shy away from the limelight, the youngest in the group, Christopher Schwarzenegger (20), seems to prefer a life away from the hustle and bustle. He is the youngest among Arnold Schwarzenegger Children. Christopher is currently studying at the University of Michigan. He is the only one of his siblings who did not include the surname Schwarzenegger on his Instagram account. His account “c1lotsoffun” is private, not public. And there are only a few photos of him. Posing together with his family on the red carpet is also rare.

christopher schwarzenegger
Christopher schwarzenegger

Most recently, Sister Katherine shared a photo on Instagram. While Mama Maria Shriver was on tour, she traveled with the former nanny Lindsay Schnaidt “to the mother weekend of his student association.” In the photo, they shine at the camera.

Joseph Baena

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s fifth child is his illegitimate son Joseph Baena (20), whom he fathered with his former domestic worker Mildred Baena. Father and son look very similar. In autumn 2017, Schwarzenegger congratulated his son via Instagram and posted a photo that shows them together in the gym. He raved that Joseph was a “fantastic son and great training partner.”

joseph baena
joseph baena

Now the last, illegitimate son of Arnold – Joseph Baena. It looks like this guy is most like his father. He is actively involved with iron, and also plans to enter acting classes.

It seems that Joseph is the only one who will continue the work of Arnie in terms of iron sports; at least he has just such a mood. He looks excellent and decided to try his hand at bodybuilding.

joseph baena
joseph baena


As we can see, In Arnold Schwarzenegger Children, only one was interested in bodybuilding, the second keeps himself in shape, but is not going to swing, and the third is generally not interested and not needed.




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