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Arnold Schwarzenegger Father

Arnold Schwarzenegger Father Gustav Schwarzenegger Served in WWII

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Father Gustav Schwarzenegger Served in WWII as part of the ‘Feldgendarmerie’ (military police).Arnold Schwarzenegger himself is an affectionate father for his children. Arnold has five kids of his own to take care of, but that doesn’t stop him from being a fatherly figure for his nephew. After the demise of his brother, he takes the responsibility of the family. Parenting is a compassionate 24-hour job.Arnold Schwarzenegger’s net worth is $400-450 million.

Being a father is a beautiful experience, but it is not as exciting as it should be. As we are talking about the wrong fatherly figure, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s father was one of them. Governor Schwarzenegger is not used to sharing his personal life with media. As in an interview, he talks about his relationship with his father. He mentioned that he had not a pleasant relationship with his father.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Father Gustav Schwarzenegger

Gustav Schwarzenegger was born on 17 August 1907 in Austria-Hungary, he was the son of Cecelia and Karl Schwarzenegger. He had two brothers and a sister. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s father married to a war widow, in Austria on 5 October 1945. The couple had two sons named as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Meinhard Schwarzenegger. 

Gustav had served in the Austrian Army as a section commander from 1930 to 1937. In 1937 he became the police officer. He was working as a policeman in Weiz, Austria, when he died at the age of 65 due to stroke.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Father
Arnold Schwarzenegger Father

Arnold Schwarzenegger Nazi

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s father was a part of the Nazi party. In 2003, the Austrian State Archives were obtained by the Los Angeles Times. These achievers declared that he voluntarily applied to join the National Socialist Party two weeks before the country was annexed.

In 1990, Governor Schwarzenegger faced rumors and backlash on his father’s links to the Nazi party. So he took control of the situation in his own hands and started the investigation into his father’s past. Some political operatives assume Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Nazi background” could haunt him in a potential gubernatorial campaign, but it’s clear the actor and bodybuilder have rejected that part of Austrian history. It was clear that Gustav was a member of the Nazi party, but they could not find any war crimes on Gustav.

Gustav and military career

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s father had served in the Austrian Army from 1930 to 1937. He achieved the rank of section commander in 1937; then, he became a police officer. In 1939 he was enlisted in the Wehrmacht as master sergeant of the military police unit. He was in Feld gendarmerie Abteilung 521 (mot.), which was the part of Panzerarmee 4.  

 He was wounded on 22 August 1942 in action in Russia. As a result of that, Schwarzenegger received the Eastern Front Medal or wounded badge. This wound made him unfit for the military’s active duty, so they appointed him as a postal inspector.

Weapons used by Gustav

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s father was a chief commander in the Austrian Army. He used Small arms, like Walter PP, which used as a personal weapon. The police officer was assigned The Walther PPK. Other ranks were using Walther 38 and Luger P08. 

NCOs carried commonly used automatic machine pistol and the Mauser Karabiner 98K rifle. MG34 and MG42 were used for the defense mainly at the roadblocks and checkpoints.

Governor Schwarzenegger and Gustav relationship

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s father was a strict catholic who enforced strict rules on his family. He and Arnold shared a strained relationship. Gustav was convinced that Arnold was gay, so he chased him with a belt and beat him. Gustav did not approve of his son’s pursuit of deadlifting and bodybuilding.

As a father, Gustav was cruel and violent; due to him, Schwarzenegger’s home was a hard and unhappy place. In 1971, Governor Schwarzenegger didn’t go to his brother’s funeral because of his father’s presence. Even he didn’t attend his father’s funeral in 1972.

  • Which celebrity became Governor of California?

Arnold Schwarzenegger became the Governor of California. Governor Schwarzenegger served as Governor for eight long years.

  • Who was the father of Governor Schwarzenegger?

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s father was a police officer. Gustav Schwarzenegger also served in the Austrian Army for seven long years.

  • When Gustave enrolled for the Nazi party?

It was found back in 2003 that Gustav had applied voluntarily to enroll in the nazi party in 1938, which was two weeks before the country was annexed. 

  • What are the remarks of Arnold about his father’s past?

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s father’s links with the Nazi party was an embarrassment for Governor Schwarzenegger. He said in an interview that, ” he was ashamed and embarrassed by his father’s past. 

  • What is the Nazi party?

The National Socialist German Workers’ Party, commonly known in English as the Nazi Party, was a far-right political party active between 1920 and 1945 in Germany, which created and supported the ideology of National Socialism. Its precursor, the German Workers’ Party, existed from 1919 to 1920

  • How did Gustav die?

On 13 December 1972, Schwarzenegger died of a stroke in Weiz, Austria, his transferred as a policeman was there.

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