Arnold Schwarzenegger Son Joseph BaenaArnold Schwarzenegger Sons

Arnold Schwarzenegger Son Joseph Baena

How old is Arnold Schwarzenegger son Joseph Baena ?

The son of the bodybuilder is 22 years old, born of an extra-marital relationship, and wants to be an actor. Arnold Schwarzenegger son Joseph Baena is the love child of Arnold and Mildred Baena.

arnold schwarzenegger son joseph baena
Arnold  with his son joseph

What Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son wants to be?

 Like so many children of Hollywood stars, Arnold Schwarzenegger Son Joseph Baena also decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. But not the cinematographic ones. Because the 22-year-old son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his former maid shares a love for “Terminator” star. A few days ago, the boy posted a photo on Instagram in which he recreates one of Arnold’s poses. And many of his 125,000 followers were quick to point out the similarity. “Now, you started looking like your father,” “Arnold, no doubt.”A little Arnold”, “Such a father, such a son,” to name just a handful of comments.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Maid and her Son
Arnold Schwarzenegger Maid and her Son

How is the relationship between Father and Son?

Arnold has an excellent relationship with Joseph, who took all the financial responsibility for himself. After learning about his paternity. Although cheating with his mother ruined his marriage with Shriver. Joseph Baena is not showing any interest in acting. He is more attracted to bodybuilding, from which Arnold began his career. The young man dreams of taking part in bodybuilding competitions.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Son Joseph
Arnold Schwarzenegger Son Joseph

Arnold Schwarzenegger Son Joseph Baena has imitated some of the most celebrated 7-time Mr. Olympia poses. In January, a photo in which he reproduced a famous shot from 1975, with his arms arched and his legs bent, had traveled around the net. Although some comments pointed out that the child not yet has a physical defined as that of his father.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Son Joseph Baena

 Is there any other Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Son Joseph Baena is not alone. Another of Schwarzenegger’s sons, Patrick, shares a passion for bodybuilding. “He also works every day in the gym,” said the Terminator and Conan star. Patrick, however, is held back by the project of retracing another of his father’s many careers: cinema. “He can’t get too big right now,” Arnold explained. “Otherwise, they no longer seek it for romantic roles.”

What is the spirit of  Joseph Baena?

Arnold Schwarzenegger son Joseph Baena mostly takes an example from his father and dreams of repeating his sporting successes. Joseph does a lot of work in the gym, where he works on the relief of muscles, and recently, he even jokingly repeated the bodybuilding pose of his star father, which he liked to take in his youth. By the way, citizens regularly note the fantastic external similarities between Joseph Baena and Arnold Schwarzenegger. What do you think about this?

How is the physique of Joseph?

The young Arnold Schwarzenegger Son Joseph Baena has incredible biceps and a muscular and perfect physique, just like the son that his father used to wear. when he was young: these photos received many comments, and many fans pointed out the similarity with the actor, to the point of defining the 22-year-old like the “Arnold.” There is a wonderful relationship between Joseph and his father, as evidenced by the numerous photos that are shared on social media, portray them together.

Joseph wants to be like his dad Arnold
Joseph wants to be like his dad Arnold

Because they share the same passion for bodybuilding, father and son often train together in the gym. It is not the first time, among other things, that Joseph photographed in his father’s famous poses: a while ago, he published a shot that portrays him while imitating the famous photo of 1976 when Schwarzenegger won the sixth consecutive title of Mr. Olympia.

 What is the resemblance of Joseph to Arnold?

 Although Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Joseph Baena does not have the same surname as his four half-brothers, Katherine, Christina, Patrick, and Christopher, the resemblance to Arnold is and is also more than evident. Moreover, their interests also seem to be the same. In his latest social sharing, Baena participated in the classic challenge, a virtual competition in which users challenge each other to repose Schwarzenegger’s legendary poses. Joseph chose his father’s most famous pose, namely the one taken from a 1967 advertisement for a German protein product. The image remained in the collective imagination, is the one that has allowed Arnold to make himself known and to become the myth he is today. In short, Schwarzenegger and his son from the maid are identical, and looking at the challenge, it seems to go back to the 70s.


Arnold Schwarzenegger Son completed his graduation
Arnold Schwarzenegger Son completed his graduation

Joseph Baena: who is he?

Is there any scandal of Schwarzenegger regarding his son?

 It was 2011 when the Los Angeles Times revealed the existence of Joseph Baena, then 14, and identified him as the son Arnold Schwarzenegger had had from his maid Mildred Patricia Baena. The scoop forced the man to confess betrayal and tell the media to have discovered the existence of the child. Only when he was already eight years old and to have always provided, since then, for its maintenance. Arnold Schwarzenegger hit by a real scandal, so much so that his wife Maria Shriver left him. Arnold did everything he could to recover his relationship with her. Also that the churches also publicly lose, but the woman no longer wanted to have any connection with him.

Despite everything, Schwarzenegger has always assumed his responsibilities towards Joseph. After buying a house for him and his mother, he also took care of the maintenance. To date, Baena and the actor have not only an excellent relationship, but they are also two drops of water. The 22-year-old has recently returned to active on Instagram and has published a photograph. In which the similarity is truly undeniable. Joseph, like his father, is a bodybuilder and is following in his footsteps. Before becoming a Hollywood star and then turning to politics, Arnold often participated in ‘Mister Olympia.’ And between 1970 and 1980 he won the gold medal seven times. That young Joseph is his worthy heir?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Son Joseph Baena
Arnold Schwarzenegger Maid and Son Joseph Baena

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