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Arnold Schwarzenegger Tells The Truth About His Steroids Use Back In The 70’s

Arnold Schwarzenegger steroids scandal was pretty lame. No doubt, he also takes some steroids back in the time of bodybuilding competitions. Perfectly healthy and legal in the 1960s and 1970s under doctor supervision. He discussed this on TV and compared it to women taking the pill. The drug of choice was Denebola, and the dosages were therapeutic vs. the massive overdoses nowadays.

The easiest way to find out if someone was on steroids is to follow the natural progression. For everyone, testosterone drops off significantly after 35, and it never goes up again. If they are ‘steroid-free, but stay fit, they should be getting smaller over time. Look at Barry Bonds. He was athletic and THIN in his twenties; then, he got huge in his mid-to-late thirties.

Arnold Schwarzenegger steroids in high school

A few comments on Arnold Schwarzenegger steroids to know who is using them. Arnold said once that “When I was in high school, I was the strongest guy in my school. I was setting weightlifting records at the local community college when I was 17. I could deadlift 475, squat 405, power clean 300, and snatch 225. At 17, that’s pretty damn strong. No one in my high school took steroids, though – at least not while in high school. I had workout partners in high school who were stronger than nearly everyone, but all were significantly weaker than me. Then, they went off to college and played football, got on ‘steroids, and made me look like a weakling. I remember my strongest workout partner from high school could do six reps on squats with 315, and I was doing that with 375 when I was 17. After he got on steroids, he could do six reps with 450! Wtf?! All those guys who got on ‘steroids in college left me in the dust”.

Arnold in the Golden age of bodybuilding

arnold schwarzenegger steroids
arnold schwarzenegger steroids

Governor Schwarzenegger and other guys from the ‘Golden Age of Bodybuilding’ were firm, fit, healthy. They had no trouble swimming, playing volleyball on the beach, running around the block, etc., before running up the stair of Gold’s Gym and killing it with the weights. They didn’t have distended bellies bigger than their chests. 

Arnie was 6′2″ and would lean down to 9% body fat(BF) for the Olympia stage. Off-season he was in the neighborhood of 240–250lbs, and 12–15%BF, which is in the healthy male range for a strength athlete. He looked so great, even without a six-pack at that BF, his muscle mass and proportions. His largest size on the Olympia stage was 239lbs; This is pretty massive for leaning down a muscular guy with long limbs. 

Austrian Oak Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger 

The phrase ‘Once in a generation’ is often overused. However, some people deserve that title, and The Austrian Oak Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of those individuals. Arnold Schwarzenegger steroids rumors are pretty lame because when you see him in the gym, you will know these are just rumors. Arnold is responsible for getting more butts into gyms than any fitness campaign out there. 

arnold schwarzenegger steroids
arnold schwarzenegger steroids

Due to his action-packed movies, his cocky and witty nature, his political accomplishments, or his Arnold is perhaps the most stellar embodiment of living the American Dream. He especially compared to the kind of physiques that we see on today’s professional bodybuilders. Arnold was quite literally a ‘god’ among men during his heyday, physique-wise. 

And this is why the question of Arnold Schwarzenegger steroids use always comes up whenever discussions about Arnold’s physique come up. Was Arnold on the sauce? Yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger steroids scandal is true. And this is not hearsay as the man himself has admitted to using steroids during his competition days. 

Modern bodybuilder

Arnold Schwarzenegger steroids comparison to the modern bodybuilder’s steroids is a vast difference. If you were stupid enough to believe current bodybuilding mags, you might think that three %BF was achievable(without death), and even healthy. Concentration camp victims get to a genuine 6%, and it isn’t pretty. Once strength athletes get much under 10%, their strength drops. At 6%, testosterone production, concentration, mood, libido, etc., falls off a cliff.

 As compared to Arnold Schwarzenegger steroids, the use of new harmful things that modern pro bodybuilders(and most amateurs) take: Human Growth Hormone(HGH), if they can afford it, causes massive growth of internal organs. Insulin causes massive deposits of dangerous intra-abdominal fat(visceral fat) vs. perfectly harmless subcutaneous fat. Hence all the current champs who look pregnant. A lot of them hardly train compared to Arnie and the boys of yore. They can barely walk. 

They take Clenbuterol(heart damage), speed. And they inject Synthol into every muscle group they consider lacking(meaning almost everything). They are still more probably to die from all the Clen, HGH, Insulin, speed, and other crap they take.

  • Did Arnold Schwarzenegger steroids rumors were true?

Yes. Perfectly healthy and legal in the 1960s and 1970s under doctor supervision. He discussed this on TV etc and compared it to women taking the pill.

  • Was Arnold on the sauce?

Yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s steroid rumors were true. And this is not hearsay as the man himself has admitted to using steroids during his competition days. Here’s a quote of him agreeing to Arnold Schwarzenegger steroid use: It was what I had to do to compete. The danger with steroids is over-usage. I only did it before a problematic competition for two months, but not for a period that would harm me. And then afterward, it was over.

  • Why are steroids good?

Health professionals can prescribe steroids to treat hormonal issues, such as delayed puberty. Steroids can also treat diseases that cause muscle loss, such as cancer and AIDS. But some athletes and bodybuilders misuse these drugs in an attempt to boost performance or improve their physical appearance.

  • What do steroids do to your body?

Steroids add a fashion to decrease inflammation and reduce the system’s activity. They’re wont to treat a spread of inflammatory diseases and conditions. Corticosteroids are different from anabolic steroids, which some athletes use to create bigger muscles.

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